Building a product selector tool and catalogue builder for sales growth.

Milwaukee sells all sorts of products from power tools to apparel to safety products. The ask was to help build a tool to assist in a growing category of safety products. The company wanted to find a way to train sales reps faster and be able to work with distributors as well.

Creating a faster way to create custom quotes and catalogues.

The goal was to create a single platform allowing sales teams to quickly sort, select and share safety products in an easy to use application. At the same time, we needed to ensure there was a backend dashboard that allowed the Milwaukee team to make edits whenever they needed to.




Web App
Angular JS


June, 2022

Simplified UI/UX

Today sales team are already bombarded with multiple sales tools that make their sales life challenging. This was a key area that we focused on and thought about significantly when designing the tool.

Diving right into it.

Upon creating an account, we wanted users to feel confident in using the tool by implementing design elements that made the experience feel similar to an online shopping cart. Filtering on product categories, adding products to a cart and checking out were all functions we included in the design.

We wanted to create a tool that not only helped the sales teams build quotes and catalogues but also represent the Milwaukee brand.


We wanted the Milwaukee team to be in full control of the tool. By making it a web application, the team could easily make updates to the products, add new products, and add new categories.

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