Our story.

Welcome to, the Steelfig studio.

We're a small, distributed team, with our headquarters located in London, Ontario. Our team has come together through the passion of solving complicated problems, through design & development.

We work closely with our clients and their customers to truly understand the requirements and focus on creating value. values of all parties.

What's with the figs?

Well, since the beginning of time, figs have been an important fruit for our civilization. Figs are not only filled with many seeds, but also contain an abundance of nutrients. Steel is used a symbol or embodiment of strength and firmness. We believe any business becomes stronger when it is digitally activated. We haven’t been around since the beginning of time but just like the fig, our team is crowded with seeds of ideas ready to strengthen your business through digital activation.

Our teams focus areas include Web Development, Brand Strategy, Product Design, & App Development.

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Our vision is to create and connect with people through product.

Steelfig was established with a goal on bringing top agency work at affordable rates. We come from the industry, know the industry and want to change the industry. No more over paying for digital tools and services. You dream it and we build it. It's that simple. We pride ourselves on a core metric that we we take very seriously. Time is money and speed of service alongside quality work are at the heart of what we do. Our model takes a different approach because we focus first on the customer first and then deliver on solutions that enable our clients to generate the business results they are looking to achieve.

The values that hold us true and to account.


We put people first. Everything else flows from there. There are user people, who are the heart of our human-centred design approach.


Because kindness is contagious and it keeps us relaxed, focused, casual, respectful and happy towards the work we do and our clients.


Our culture is built heavily on the ability to trust one another. Without trust all fails and we really emphasize this because our clients trust us to deliver.