Building a new app experience for a new growing category.

Homekitchens is an app marketplace designed for homemade food. Homekitchens allows you to grow a home based kitchen business and manage every interaction seamlessly.

Creating a new experience for home made food ordering.

One platform designed to take a new growing category and give it a well deserved marketplace of its own. Home made food sales have grown rapidly throughout the pandemic and the Homekitchens App is here to help.


App Development




November, 2021

Strategy for the digital

Today home kitchens and chefs across Canada don’t have a dedicated marketplace to showcase their food. Food items are being listed on platforms like Kijiji, Instagram, and Facebook marketplace despite food categories even existing. 

Evolving in an online market.

Home based cooks have to list their food creation on multiple platforms, focus on driving traffic to their pages, managing orders through direct messaging, collecting payment, feedback and continue testing out their new kitchen idea.

See how we elevated the brand to match its true quality.

Whether it's your side hustle, passion project, career change or just love food, we took the time to understand the customer base in order to develop the application with the right features.

The mission at Homekitchens is to spark the change needed to turn the dreams of everyday people into a reality. The goal was to create a marketplace to help home based kitchens grow faster and shorten the path to a full scale restaurant.


Atomic MD, Oduda, & Open Sans were the fonts used throughout the mobile application as well as the website interface.

The logo

We thought about folding it a 100 different ways like an official chef's hat but then decided to keep things simple and flat with the outline of a house outlined at the bottom. This creates a focus point on the home while the chef's hat creates endless possibilities just like any home cook would create.

Interface Design

We decided to play on the colour palette chosen all while keeping the user experience simple. We allow the user generated content to bring the experience to life throughout the application by keeping a minimal UI.

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